Ducky Trip

Ducky Trips are a great way to try out whitewater kayaking. This trip is for the adventurous individual who is looking to navigate their own kayak down whitewater rapids following our experienced guides.

4 hours               Cost: $70                                             

2-Day Progression Course

Our 2-Day Progression Course is for individuals looking for an intensive course starting in the pool and ending on the Klickitat River. This course gives you everything you need to get started in the sport of whitewater kayaking!

Duration: 2 Days                Cost: $225                                                

3-Day Progression Course

Want to really go for it and progress rapidly? The 3-Day Progression Course is for you then. Day one we practice skills to prep for the river, day two is spent learning on the river, and day three will allow you to enjoy those skills you've built up and have an awesome third day on the river!

Duration: 3 Days                 Cost: $305                                               

 We are an equal opportunity recreation provider permitted by the USDA Forest Service.